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A leading contributor to Climate Change is the manufacturing of plastics. The petrochemicals which turn oil and gas into plastics will account for nearly half the demand for oil in 2050 and consume fifty-six billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2030 (International Energy Agency 2018). Single-use plastics for packaging end up in land-fills and remain unbroken down for thousands of years while emitting toxic waste.  Zero Waste Solutions is putting a stop to harmful plastics and creating a sustainable future with compostable packaging solutions. Zero Waste Solutions works with innovative partners to create composting packaging plans for business, government, and consumers.  As experts in eco-friendly packaging, Zero Waste Solutions provides consulting services to help your enterprise be part of a better world.


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Jim Simpson, Prince William Sound, Alaska


Jim Simpson, President and Founder 

A packaging industry veteran, Jim Simpson founded Zero Waste Solutions in 2019. Zero Waste Solutions provides compostable packaging products and compostable packaging consulting for business, government, and consumers.


Jim began his career in packaging working five years in sales management with Kraft Food Services. Jim worked for 22 years in executive positions with the Waddington Group, a leader in global consumer and commercial packaging. Having worked close to three decades in the packaging business, he is committed to having zero waste with composting, recycling, and post consumer content.

Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Economics from the University of Washington before going on to earn his Masters in History. He played football for the Washington Huskies under coach Don James. In 2016, he and his Orange Bowl winning team were inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame. He went on to a career in the NFL playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. A lifelong proponent on environmental sustainability, Jim is an avid nature lover. He spent his summers while in University working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. He has climbed many of the world's peaks including Mount Rainier, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, and the Matterhorn. With the drive to succeed in all he does, Jim's mission is to continue working towards global environmental sustainability one step at a time.​


phone: 206-669-535

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Jim Simpson, Mount Kilimanjaro

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